To Cyber Coach Smart

Get fit and enjoy Cyber Coach Smart anywhere you have internet access - on your whiteboards in the classroom or in the school hall - and provide fun activities throughout the school day.
Learn one of over a hundred routines of many, many different dance styles from Lindy Hop, Tai Chi, Salsa Roman, Ancient Olympics, Cheerleading, Hip Hop, Samba, Combat..

All taught by some of the world’s best instructors.
Pupils’ attitudes towards exercise and learning can vary greatly.

The Cyber Coach Smart Plus package includes a range of interactive and dance mat games. Some of the games are educational and some are purely fun.
Short upbeat sessions ideal for use in the classroom for short bursts of exercise any time of the day, including golden time and wet play. No need to move tables, just push the chairs under and get moving!

Wake & Shake sessions are perfect to incorporate into your morning routine or to use for warm ups before and cool downs after PE.
A large variety licensed music that you can play in your school. Rock, pop, hip hop and music from Cyber Coach dance routines that you can use to practice or create your own routines.
Designed for Primary schools and the 2014 MFL Key Stage 2 curriculum, Cyber Coach French gets children singing and dancing.

Supported by lesson slides, lesson plans, worksheets, flash cards, games, activities, display material and example conversations.